Licensing Status

Out of a total of 120 licenses: 18 are currently allocated, 1 are pending; 101 are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Last updated: 14 November, 2019 at 11:51.

DSLS Computer ID

To license CATIA on your own PC you must provide technical support the correct Computer ID for the computer you wish to run CATIA on. Download and complete the necessary CATIA purchase request form from Studynet. You must then pay for your license at the Hutton Hub Student Centre on the main campus, who will stamp your form. Finally the form must be signed by Dr. George Haritos. Once you have your receipt and completed form you are directed to visit this web page for Computer ID instructions. Download the Computer ID utility on the computer you wish to license CATIA on. Please note that only 64-bit Windows operating systems from Windows 7 through to Windows 10 can be used to install CATIA on. When you run the utility it will look like this:

If the utility will not run and outputs an error message (such as 'The application has failed to start due to a side-by-side configuration error') your computer is missing the Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 libraries requires by the application. If so download and install both of the following:

Once the utility is running without error click the Properties tab to continue.

Highlighted with a green rectangle is your current Computer ID (it will differ from the one shown above). Before you submit this ID to technical support it is important you ensure the most suitable network adapter is used. Click the button highlighted in red above, and click OK again when the warning box dialog appears. You will then be presented with a window like the following:

The actual network adapter devices listed will again differ from the above image. If you only have one adapter listed (as is the case in the example above) click the Cancel button. If you have more than one device listed make sure the wired network card of your computer is the selected one. Avoid wireless, bluetooth and any other network adapters that can be disabled by unplugging or turning them off on your computer. If you need to change the network adapter selected do so and click the OK button to continue. The utility will then close and you need to run it again to continue.

Now that you have the most suitable network adapter selected click the menu item Computer ID highlighted in yellow in the second picture above. From the submenu click Copy to clipboard. Now complete and submit the following form, using the Computer ID you just copied to the clipboard.

Full name:
Student ID:
Computer ID:

Note: there is no need to write your Computer ID on your purchase form once you have submitted this web form. You must now take your completed CATIA Purchase Request Form to the technical helpdesk in room D217 (main campus). We will photocopy it and give you back the original. You will then receive an e-mail confirming you are on the list for a license. If licenses are already available (see the top of this page for details) your request should be processed within one working day.

Workspace Learning Solutions

The CATIA tutorial system, or Workspace Learning Solutions as it is known, is now available to use at